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With regional offices in 28 countries we service the interests of our members in  90 countries.  We have a  strong presence in TURKEY as we have been operating here since 2003.  As long time Exchangers ourselves we  take pride in our personal contact with our members.

If money were no object where would you take your next holiday ?  What if you could go anywhere at any time, simply be exchanging your home  – for a Paris flat, a house in Hawaii or a villa in Spain.  Thousands of people are doing that right now with the help of  HomeLink International  Every year they choose wonderful holidays the many other people can only dream of and it costs them NOTHINGexcept their airfares
Instead of spending $230 on just one nights hotel accommodation why not make it stretch to weeks even months with HomeLink

We  welcome your questions so please  E-MAIL; info@homelinkturkey or, our  phone us on (0090)232  445 18 19, 0090 533 635 0809

Although home exchange is by far the most popular service, The options and variations on this are:-
* X – Home Exchange    As above, a  straightforward exchange of homes between 2 members for an agreed holiday period .
* NSX – Non Simultaneous Exchange   If you have a holiday home or alternative accomodation this will make exchanging much easier especially for exchanges in the Northern Hemisphere.
* XH – Hospitality Exchange  You host a family for their holiday. The other family then responds with the same arrangement at a later date.  A way of making lifelong friends.
* LT – Long Term   Periods of six weeks  or longer
* OG – Home Sitter Wanted    You offer accommodation to a member who will look after your home whilst you are away.
* OA – Home Sitting Offered    You offer to look after a member’s home in exchange for accommodation
* H  – Hospitality offered.   Not an exchange. Short term (1-2 nights ) offered on a friendly basis to members travelling in somewhere all over the world.  An enormous benefit to you when you are travelling. We encourage you to use this.

12 month Membership (Including 20 photos)    200 TL
You are listed on the Database within 24 hours of receipt of payment.  You can have up to 10 free photos.

24 month Membership (Including 10 photos)    350 TL
For a limited time we you can have a full listing of your Holiday Home at no extra charge.  Take advantage of our 2 for one offer to double your exposure.  The 2nd listing is linked to the main listing with ‘View my other listing/s”

36 month Membership (Including 10 photos)    525 TL

 The only other costs for your holiday are your travelling expenses.

WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE HOMELINK; We are the original HomeExchange company established in 1953 and throughout the decades have provide a quality service to our members in the good old fashioned way  by attention to details and the personal touch.

We have a  strong presence in TURKEY as we have been operating here since 2003.  As long time Exchangers ourselves we  take pride in our personal contact with our members.    With HomeLink contact is not possible by non members.  Your security is guaranteed through our password system and our internal messaging/email system.  HomeLink is represented personally in 28 of our member countries with organisers just like us.
We  are able to offer more exchange opportunities to our members .   Not only do our members have the comfort of personal contact with their Organiser, but very importantly we have our member base spread more widely around the world and not heavily loaded by US members.

When you pay nothing for accommodation, you’re free to spend more on enjoying yourself and your travels.
If your’re retired then Home Exchanging is a non stop travel bonanza
If you’re single why not invite a friend along.  In that way you can enjoy a Non simultaneous exchange. If you have a family then often you will enjoy a toy filled child friendly home to exchange in. If you’re retired, a family with children, or you just enjoy holidays, there is something for everyone with HomeLink.  With between 13 & 20.000 members listings in 90 countries around the world ! There are  so much choice for you.


The basic premise of home exchange is that you will find like-minded people who share your values and with whom you are comfortable in exchanging your home. Through emailing or phoning it soon becomes obvious whether you have a rapport or not.  Just trust your instincts and if something doesn’t feel right then its not.  If they have a large family and you are a retired couple then obviously your homes and lifestyles may not be compatible.  The beauty of Home Exchanging is that you live like a local amongst the community but you do want to be comfortable in their community.

Remember, you are exchanging with someone you have selected
It is important to feel comfortable with your exchange partner and over the ‘arranging period make sure you ask any questions that may be worrying you.  As guests in each others house a special bond of mutual respect develops.  Many exchangers report having made lifelong friends with their exchange partners.  But……………  It is only common sense to pack away fragile and precious things.
If you are still concerned please talk to us or we can put you in touch with an experienced exchanger.  Our members words are our recommendation.

Remember, insurance companies say the safety of your home is greatly improved if it is occupied when you are away.

* A free holiday base with all the comforts of home
* Being part of a community instead of a package holiday tourist
* Having free use of the family car
* Having use of each others books, bikes, maps, toys and even club privileges
* Having more holiday money to spend on other things. Sightseeing, shopping,

* Having your own house, garden and even pets looked after – remember a lived in

house is safer.

A wonderful world of holidays with the world’s original Home Exchange organisation.

A very important consideration is that we are here in TURKEY and only a phone call away.

Samim & Ebru I are also experienced about home exchange.

We pride ourselves in our personal service to our members.  We live in IZMIR and are happy to talk about Home Exchanging.

Please call us on; (009) 0232 445 1819, (009) 533 635 0809


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